Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review: Star Crossed Enemies - no longer Star Crossed, but it's with a Happy Ending

It is with enormous sadness that I write about the break up of Star Crossed Enemies. After the highs of being loved by the unlikely folk of Limerick; reaching second place in the charts; recording an EP; and making many a person smile with their onstage chemistry, Brian O’Reilly and Gary White decided to part ways with their final show together taking place in the Spirit Store in Dundalk supporting Michelle Anne Kelly.

The good news is that they will continue to collaborate on various projects over the next year or so, with Star Crossed Enemies song Mira already recorded for O’Reilly’s solo project BriBry is Sky High, with further collaborations with other musicians also in the pipeline. Mira is available to listen to on the BriBry is Sky High MySpace page. A full EP, titled Swings, is planned for release in October and is one to look out for.

Star Crossed Enemies perform Mira at Spirit Store in Dundalk, their last ever show. Source: ReggieBlinker Youtube channel.

White has also been throwing down some interesting solo demo work over the last couple of weeks, with work on the piano in particular producing some interesting results. A Danny Elfman and Vincent Gallo inspired song, titled simply Movie Scene Ending, is available to listen to on his MySpace page, as well as three other songs.

It’s really a case of watch these spaces over the coming year as both men start again along the arduous path to making a name for themselves in a music scene that scarcely allows it. But they did sign an autograph on the last Star Crossed Enemies EP they sold at their final gig in Dundalk - they won’t say no to more of that in the future.

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