Thursday, December 12, 2013

For Reaction to Enda McGuill Cup semi-final

Following today’s draw for the semi-finals of the Enda McGuill Cup, caught up with the attendees to gauge their reaction.

Paul Doolin, Republic of Ireland u19s manager: “I think you’d have to go along with Shels and Cork [as potential winners], possibly. Shels have been playing quite well, scoring goals. I’ve seen them a few times this year and they have some good players. Last year a number of them were a year younger, but now they’re not – they’re [born in] ’95, they’re at the right age. That said, they were beaten in the final last year by Cork, I was down there, so we’ll see what the outcome is if the final comes to a rematch.”

Martin Murray, Shelbourne u19s manager: “The one thing you want in a cup semi-final is a home draw, so we’ve got that and that’s ideal. Obviously everybody has been talking about a re-match, if you want to call it that, with Cork City so to a certain degree that’s still on the cards, but they’ll certainly have it hard against their rivals Cobh.

Shane Kavanagh, Cobh Ramblers u19s coach: “We were hoping for this to be the final! We’d have probably hoped for a home draw but it’s close enough and on our day we’re capable of beating any side, really. We beat Cork City in Bishopstown already this year, there’s a good history between the sides so I think we’re happy enough with that draw.

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